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Using ladders for window cleaning has been the topic of much debate and contoversy since the Working at Height Regulations came into force in April 2005.

Rumours spread of ladders being banned. Is that the case?

In a nutshell - No.

The HSE has provided guidelines which show safe practice when using ladders. However, the HSE do strongly encourage window cleaners to think seriously about moving towards purchasing a water fed pole system if you havent already done so.

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This is because ladders should really only be used in situations where a risk assessment shows that there is no reasonably practicable alternative to working at height.

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If you do choose to use ladders, then it would be wise to use them together with some sort of ladder safety device. There are lots of ladder safety devices available.

A popular choice of ladder stability device is the award winning LaddaLimpet.

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When can ladders be used?

  • Ladders can be used if after assessing the risks the use of more suitable work equipment is not justified because of the low risk and short duration.
  • Short duration is taken to be between 15 and 30 minutes depending upon the task.
  • Ladders can also be used for low risk work where there are features on the site that mean a ladder must be used.

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When choosing a set of ladders for window cleaning
look for durability and quality rather than how cheap they are. BS EN131 trade ladders will last a lot longer than a cheap set from a local DIY store which are intended for infrequent use.There are many ladder safety devices available which can be used to minimize risk. Put these to good use. Remember to carry out regular and documented ladder inspections to ensure the ladders are still secure and safe and are not damaged. Wooden ladders are warmer on the hands in winter than aluminium, but aluminium ladders are lighter to carry. A frame pointer ladders are very handy for ground floor work where the fan light windows are out of reach.

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